Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark is a team of entrepreneurial mindset enablers. Since their creation less than 10 years ago they have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create positive social change globally.


Their vision is unique – rather than focussing on growing businesses, they believe that by focussing on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and behaviours of the people running the businesses, you can create more effective acceleration and growth.
Simply put... they build great people, who build great businesses.
They began their acceleration journey in January 2012 opening their first accelerator in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the course of the first 3 years they created a proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ approach that combines bespoke start up and growth coaching with a development programme that concentrates taking action as an entrepreneur rather than just learning about it – or as they call it entrepreneuring®.

Their Impact

The impacts of this approach spoke for themselves and in 2014 they went into partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland to roll this methodology out to 12 locations across the UK and 4 in India. Their unique approach coupled with this successful partnership cemented their place as the world’s largest fully funded entrepreneurial accelerator.
Since then they have enabled over 3,868 rebels, suits, start-ups working at the kitchen table, mumpreneurs, big businesses scaling up, importers, exporters, whizz kids and wise owls - who, between them have created:









Having successfully completed the roll out of their accelerator model in March 2018 they transferred the UK accelerator network across to the Royal Bank of Scotland to be run in-house.
They now focus all of their attention on supporting other partners around the world to build their own accelerator networks with Entrepreneurial Spark's proven system. They are delighted to partner with Ignite Bermuda to bring this to Bermuda to build and support a community of credible, backable and investable entrepreneurs with truly global ambitions.


Together we will build a community of great people, building great businesses.
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