Mission Statement

Ignite Bermuda will build a community of entrepreneurs looking to make an impact locally and globally



Improve the skill sets and success rates of start-ups though a formalised entrepreneurship curriculum
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Provide access to industry experts and investors via the creation of a coaching and mentoring network
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With other stakeholders in the community, create a more formalised entrepreneurship curriculum for the youth of Bermuda.

Ignite Bermuda was created specifically for local innovators with the drive and commitment to grow and scale their business or organisation. We have teamed up with Entrepreneurial Spark to bring a truly global accelerator model to the ambitious entrepreneurs and community leaders of Bermuda.

From our first cohort in May 2019, our programme has provided over 300 Bermudian entrepreneurs and community leaders with free bespoke office and event space, as well as a programme of support that focuses on building credible, backable and investable entrepreneurs.

Together we will build a community of great people, building great businesses and organisations.



Together we will build a community of great people, building great businesses.
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