12 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM11

The Hub Space


4000 square feet of creative space

As your new office in the heart of Hamilton, The Ignite Bermuda Hub will be based in the Argus Building and will provide contemporary office and event space at no cost to the programme participants. Although the space is predominantly open plan, there will be ample space to put your head down and concentrate, or have that important private meeting.


The freedom to collaborate

The Ignite Bermuda Hub is meant to be a collaborative workspace. It will be a place where entrepreneurs can share ideas with their peers in both free-form sessions and more structured sessions and workshops.These structured sessions have been a great success for entrepreneurs who have been part of past Entrepreneurial Spark programmes. Entrepreneurs will put the knowledge and collaboration skills gained in the group sessions to practical use in their business, to act as a catalyst for acceleration.



The Ignite Bermuda Hub will have a dedicated presentation and event space. Entrepreneurs will have a space to hone their pitch to customers and potential investors as well as a social gathering space for networking events.


The Ignite Bermuda mentor programme will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to tap into a rich pool of experience from a broad range of sectors. The role of the mentor will be to provide ‘expert’ support to the entrepreneur, all within the confines of his or her own creative workspace.


Not just a desk

The Ignite Bermuda programme is a collaborative, face-to-face endeavour, which requires a level of commitment from the Entrepreneur. We would expect Entrepreneurs to be present in the Hub 2-3 days per week and to attend a high percentage of group and one-on-one sessions.We want to build the knowledge pool for entrepreneurs in Bermuda and provide a collaborative resource for their benefit. The programme will look for dedicated participants who are prepared to make a five month commitment.