The Programme

The Ignite Bermuda programme, powered by Entrepreneurial Spark, is a proven model to help you and your business or organisation accelerate. We ran our first Accelerator in May 2019, specific to the Bermuda market, and have enabled over 300 local entrepreneurs and community leaders to accelerate on their journey to success; are you ready to join them?
Due to the outpouring of interest we have seen from our community, we also run a series of information sessions alongside the Core Accelerator programme; the Fuel Your Ambition Series (formerly known as the Light Programme). Both the Accelerator Programme and 'Fuel' Series run on a 5-month cycle covering similar material, however in different depths and with different levels of support.

Everyone's journey looks different. At Ignite, we run 2 separate programmes, the Accelerator Programme and Fuel Your Ambition Series.

Click through the presentation above to explore and get a feel for what it's like to go through the Ignite Entrepreneurial Journey.

How will you benefit?

If you are successful in being selected for either the Core Accelerator Programme or Fuel Your Ambition Series, you will take part in varying group events and mentorship designed to enable you to progress your business or organisation. Those on our Accelerator programme will also gain access to mentors, field experts and our contemporary hub space in the heart of Hamilton, creating a collaborative work environment with other like-minded individuals.

Even though our programme is proven to help your business thrive, our main focus is on you, the entrepreneur or community leader. Through mentorship, one-on-one enablement sessions and a community of like-minded individuals, you are set up to put your best self forward in all aspects of your life and career.

What's Involved?

The Entrepreneurial Spark programme is based around building great people who build great businesses. Each interaction is designed to develop you as a great business or organisation leader as well as all of the key skills you will need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Accelerator Programme
The Core Accelerator Programme kicks off with a 2 day Bootcamp and will go on to provide one-to-one support from your own business enabler, as well as workshops, partner and mentor support all designed to support and challenge you throughout your 5 month journey.

Fuel Your Ambition Series
The Fuel Your Ambition Series (formerly called the Light Programme) monthly meetings will enable you to get a very condensed glimpse of the Accelerator programme content while providing you with a community of other entrepreneurs and community leaders. This series will offer you the tools to take your organisation to the next level with the support of a growing network of other dedicated entrepreneurs.


Together we will build a community of great people, building great businesses.
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