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Frequently Asked Questions

The Programme

Ignite Bermuda is the island’s new entrepreneurial incubator and accelerator. Ignite Bermuda has teamed up with Entrepreneurial Spark, a team of entrepreneurial mindset enablers. Over the past 7 years Entrepreneurial Spark have created a proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ approach that combines bespoke start up and growth coaching with a development programme that concentrates taking action as an entrepreneur rather than just learning about it – or as they call it entrepreneuring®. Throughout the programme the focus will be on you, the entrepreneurial leader of the business. You will learn about cultivating the right mindset and the most effective behaviours to unlock your entrepreneurial potential and become your best version of you.
We won’t write your business plan for you or do your financial forecasts (although we’ll introduce you to plenty of people who can). Instead, we’ll support and coach you to overcome challenges and achieve successes that you never believed possible. We won’t lie, at times this is going to feel uncomfortable as we get to the root cause of your barriers and blockers, but if you trust in the process you will learn to think and act like and entrepreneur. You'll be able to apply this mindset to your current business and any future business endeavours going forward.
A. If you’re accepted into the programme you will join a cohort of other ambitious entrepreneurs. As part of the programme you and your team will have access to: • Our enablement team - who will challenge and focus you to make your growth a reality. • Access to our brand new hub working space, complete with meeting rooms, event space, desks and WI-FI. • You'll be a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and have an experienced panel of mentors and experts who will be on hand to support you with guidance and connections to boost your trajectory.
The programme runs for 5 months, beginning with a mandatory two-day Bootcamp and ending with our 'Celebrating Success' event. Ignite will run two accelerators annually with intake cycles every 6 months.
There are a number of elements of the programme that are compulsory, which means you’ll have to commit to attending them before your place on the programme is confirmed. The event dates will be provided in advance of each cohort and include: 2-day Bootcamp, 1-day Acceler8, the finale, Celebrate Success and fortnightly scheduled group enablement sessions. Outside the compulsory dates it is entirely up to you how much time you spend in the Hub, or working on your business, but remember you get out what you put in. We know that the more time you commit to your business, the more progress you will make. We also know, through Entrepreneurial Spark, that businesses that spend more time in the Hub experience greater levels of collaboration and knowledge sharing than those who don’t.
Programme selection is limited. Spaces are in high demand and Bootcamp is the first of your compulsory events. Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend Bootcamp we will ask you to reapply again in the future.
If you can attend Bootcamp, then we’ll ask for a 70% commitment to the remainder of the compulsory events. This will be reviewed regularly by the Ignite team and if you are no longer able to make the commitment you will be encouraged to discontinue the programme.
If you are unable to attend 70% of the compulsory events, then we will ask you to reapply at a future time when you are able to commit to the programme.


We will accept applications from entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, from idea stage to profitable enterprises. Taking part in an accelerator is not an easy ride. Our enablement team will support as well as challenge you on a daily basis. We are looking for coachable entrepreneurs that are actively seeking to be held to account for their progress and have those tough, but necessary, conversations that will allow them to progress. So, think about your own mindset right now. Do you have an idea for a business and are serious about putting it into action? Do you want to grow or validate your business and are you truly ready to get out of your comfort zone to accelerate? If so, then you are in the right place.
Yes! We absolutely understand that you may need to continue to earn a living as you get your business off the ground. As long as you can attend the initial 2 day Bootcamp and 70% of the remaining compulsory events then you are eligible to apply.
Yes! We absolutely understand that you may need to continue to earn a living as you get your business off the ground. As long as you can attend the initial 2 day Bootcamp and 70% of the remaining compulsory events then you are eligible to apply. If you are working full time then it’s likely that you won’t maximise the value of being in and around the Hub space on a daily basis. Therefore, we would encourage you to network and be in and around the space as much as possible.
Yes! If you are at the early stage, you may have to do some more customer validation before you can raise money or sell any products. We can support you through this process. If you are a bit further down the line and looking to raise investment, we can support you on this part of your journey too.

The Accelerator

The definition of an “accelerator” is a person or a thing that causes something to happen more quickly. An entrepreneurial accelerator is no different. When starting up or growing your business you need to maximise your time and your resources. The Ignite Bermuda enablement programme is designed to help you progress faster and more efficiently than you would be able to on your own, by focussing on the right entrepreneurial behaviours at the right time. Unlike traditional accelerators there is no cost to attend Ignite Bermuda and we won’t take equity in your business. The only cost to you is your continued engagement, progress, interaction and support of your fellow entrepreneurs. In exchange we will wrap enablement workshops, mentoring and investor support around you to help you accelerate.
These terms are often interchanged in the start-up world, but there are a few key differences. An incubator is traditionally a warm, fuzzy comfortable place for smaller things to grow strong and healthy. Incubators are great for start-ups if they have the time and resources to spend innovating and developing a business model. However, if resources are scarce, an accelerator will help an entrepreneur to progress faster. This may seem less comfortable than an incubator, and that’s because it is. Moving fast, making mistakes, breaking things and continuous learning and development can sometimes be an uncomfortable journey, but the end result is a more resilient entrepreneur who has learned more about themselves and their business model and progressed further in a shorter space of time.

Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark is a team of entrepreneurial mindset enablers. We have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create positive social change globally. We created a proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ approach that combines bespoke start up and growth coaching with a development programme that concentrates on taking action as an entrepreneur rather than just learning about it – or as we call it entrepreneuring®.
Over the last 6 years we have built and run 17 accelerators across the UK and India with our unique enablement approach. This has helped to generate significant economic impacts [see our last impact report]. We are excited to bring this methodology to Bermuda to create credible, backable and investable entrepreneurs in and from Bermuda.

The Application Process

You are asked to apply using our online platform. N.B. This platform is not supported on Internet Explorer, other web browsers must be used to access the application portal. Applications for each intake cycle will be opened for the application time period only. Follow us across our social media channels for details of how to apply for the next intake.
All the details surrounding the application process will be broadcast on our social media channels. If you have made an application and have yet to hear from us, keep an eye on your emails as we will be in touch shortly.
If you are having difficulties completing any of the questions on the form, first check our other FAQs for information that may help. You may also use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to us.
Don’t worry, the questions are designed to help us understand your current stage. Please answer what you can.
The application has been designed on our online platform that is not supported on Internet Explorer, however should be accessible on alternative browsers and most devices. However, if you are having any technical difficulties please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to us.
At present we’re only accepting online application forms. If you have any difficulties with completing the form online, then please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to us.
Once you have submitted your application we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know it has been received. Thereafter please allow the Ignite team 14 days to review your application and contact you with our response. If your application is successful, you will then be invited to an interview with the team. This is a chance for us to get to meet one another and learn more about whether this is the right fit for you. Don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch so you can relax. Spaces are in demand so if you are unsuccessful in being invited to interview on this occasion then please do reapply again in 6 months for the next intake.
You will have multiple options for your interview date and time, so it will be up to you to select a date and time that suits you. We will be happy to move a scheduled date under extenuating circumstances only.
You will be asked to prepare a 60 second pitch on your business to deliver at the interview. Other than that, please just bring you and your sparkling personality.
Due to the high volume of applications we are unable to provide individual feedback to each applicant, however, if you have not been invited to an interview this time then the application committee felt that there was insufficient evidence with regard to one or more of the following criteria: You may not have shown: • A business that you plan to scale i.e. it is not a lifestyle business • A workable business model that has the potential to be profitable • Demonstrated confidence that they will be able to commit to 70% of mandatory events Starting a business and life as an entrepreneur is tough and things don’t always go your way, but if you’re prepared to keep pushing your business we would welcome your application for our next intake in six months.
After you have been interviewed, the panel will make a decision over the next 5 business days whether to accept your application. You will be notified again via email about the status of your application.
The next steps will be sent to you via email. If you have not received details of next steps then please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to us
Starting a business and life as an entrepreneur is tough and things don’t always go your way, but if you’re prepared to keep pushing your business we would welcome your application for our next intake in six months.
Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to us as soon as possible.

The Ignite Hub Space

12 Wesley Street Hamilton, HM11
The Hub will be manned by a member of the Ignite team from 9am until 5pm, Mon – Fri, however entrepreneurs will have out of hours access via a swipe card. We ask that businesses are out of the building no later than 9pm. You may access the building from anytime after 7am. Out of hours work is at the entrepreneurs' own risk.
The Hub is a contemporary workspace created by some of Bermuda’s finest designers. We have worked hard to build a welcoming, creative and collaborative workspace suitable for solo-preneurs and teams to thrive and grow.
As well as permanent and hot desk space for you and your business, the Hub will offer: • Bookable Meeting Rooms • Informal Meeting Space • Event space with state of the art AV presentation equipment • High speed WI-FI • Printing, scanning and copying facilities • Kitchen space with tea and coffee facilities and a microwave • Secure lockers
The programme is totally free! Also, unlike some accelerators we don’t take any equity in your business. The supporters of this registered charity have generously provided funding for the programme to bring about positive social change in Bermuda through the action of Entrepreneuring®. So what’s the catch? The price of play is your continual commitment to the development of you and your business, including attendance at our compulsory events such as Boot Camp, Event Nights and your enablement sessions. We will support you 100%, but if we don’t see the same in return then we’ll have to have a conversation about what you are really getting from the programme.
Yes! The Hub has been designed to accommodate full and part-time entrepreneurs with different desk requirements. Permanent desks are allocated at the discretion of the Ignite team, so once you have successfully completed Bootcampyou will be ready to have a discussion with them about your requirements.
Yes! The space has been designed with plenty of space to accommodate solo-preneurs and growing teams. Even if you begin the programme on your own and recruit a co-founder or team later, you will have the opportunity to expand without having to move.
As the programme is only 5 months long, we suggest you continue to use your current registered address at as your mailing address. If you do not currently have a registered business address, please discuss your mail requirements with the Ignite team once the programme begins.
Every business grows at a different rate, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how many desks you might need. The best thing to do is discuss the size of your team with the Ignite team should you be invited to interview for a place in the programme.
There will be a mix of secure space and normal cupboard space. The secure space will be individual lockers with keys provided to you on an as needed basis. The normal storage space is designed for incidental office items such as paper and stationery. As we are trying to maximise the workspace we have, company stock or products should not be stored in the Hub.
Access to the space will be by swipe card. These will only be issued to entrepreneurs who are taking part in the programme and the Ignite team.
Everyone has different requirements from their computer equipment, so this will not be provided and you can most certainly bring your own. There will be plenty of electrical points, high speed WI-FI and WI-FI printing facilities provided throughout the Hub. All personal electrical equipment must be electrically tested by a registered body before being used in the Hub.
At Ignite Bermuda, we take honestly and respect for the property of others very seriously. The space is secured with swipe card access, so we would expect that any computer equipment left overnight would be perfectly safe. We will also provide individual lockers. That said, Ignite Bermuda cannot accept any liability for items of value that go missing from the Hub, including the lockers, and you should ensure that your property is adequately insured by yourself or your business.
Yes! We will have a mix of bookable meeting rooms and ad hoc meeting space. Meeting rooms cannot be used for delivery of any service or making of products.
The use of the Hub is restricted to office working only.
Whilst we don’t provide fixed phones with permanent phone numbers, there will be VoIP phones available for use in the Hub. We have also sourced some extremely cool and eco-friendly phone booths for you to make those all-important sales calls from the comfort of your own private space.
We love children. However, we think our time would be better spent enabling you and your business and leaving the childcare to the experts. We’re afraid that we won’t be able to provide childcare facilities.
We also love dogs, cats, rabbits and performing seals, but we think the Hub space is better designed for entrepreneurs than pets. Plus, we’re a bit precious about our new carpet so sorry, no pets at this time.
There is no formal dress code for the Hub, but we would suggest business casual for every day. We believe that entrepreneurs should be ready to snap up any opportunity and as Ignite Bermuda becomes notorious for creating credible, backable and investable entrepreneurs you never know who is going to walk through the door on a daily basis.
If you have specific requirements in terms of access, washrooms or work space please let us know as we aim to accommodate all entrepreneurs.


Bootcamp will take place in our custom event space at the new Ignite Hub on the 2nd Floor, 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton.
Bootcamp is a full 2-day event programme that takes place from 9am until 4pm each day.
If you have been invited to interview, then talk to the team during your interview and they will advise you on whether or not it will be suitable for you to continue with the application process. If you have been successful at interview and have been invited to join the programme, and now find you are having trouble attending Bootcamp then please speak to the Ignite Team using the details on your invite email at your earliest convenience. We will advise you of whether it would be more suitable for you to wait until the next intake and offer your place to another entrepreneur.
Yes, both days of Bootcamp are mandatory. Bootcamp will cover all the foundations of your time on the programme. If you are having trouble attending one or both of these days then please speak to the Ignite team at your earliest opportunity. Places on the programme are limited so if you are unable to attend then we may suggest that you wait until the next intake and allow someone else to take your place on this occasion.
You don’t need to specifically prepare anything, however you are probably going to want to take a lot of notes so do make sure you bring everything you need for that. Other than that just open your mind, prepare to work hard, to be challenged and to have some fun!
We will provide tea & coffee on your arrival at Bootcamp so you can meet some of the other entrepreneurs. After that there is a kitchen which you are welcome to use and nearby there are lots of venues for you to buy lunch.
Other than tea and coffee on arrival we will not be providing any refreshments or food. However, you can use the kitchen facilities if you wish to bring your own.
An induction to the Hub space will be included in your 2 days, so once you have finished Bootcamp and have your swipe card security pass you will be free to start working in the space right away. That’s when your real entrepreneuring® journey will begin! Your enabler will arrange a time to have a first session with you, but until then it will be time to get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and get going.

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