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The Ignite Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship programme aims to enable local young adults ages 18-25 years old to develop their passions for entrepreneurship through workshops with industry experts and project-based internships within some of Bermuda's top startups, like you!

What is a Host Business/Organization?

Successful Host Businesses/Organizations will take on a young adult intern part-time for 6-weeks of the programme to work on a specific project that has been designed by the host entrepreneur. The objective is for the young adult intern to gain first-hand experience alongside an entrepreneur to witness the day-to-day of running your own business/organization while contributing back to the startup.

As a Host Mentor, the project you create for a young adult intern should encourage their personal and professional growth and development while utilising their own unique skillsets. Projects can vary, anywhere from marketing strategies, customer discovery outreach, membership launching, and more depending on where your current needs are. Multiple project submissions are allowed and even encouraged, to enable the best match possible.

To learn more about project guidelines, and expectations, and to see some past examples, follow the link below.


Why Be a Host Mentor?

What Does it Entail?

Successful Hosts will be asked to...

  • Create a project for a young adult intern to undertake over the course of the programme.
  • Commit to 8 hours/week with their young adult intern.
    • The days and times you meet will be flexible, and up to you and your intern to decide.
  • Be willing and able to meet with your intern and host in person. If you do not have your own office space, you may use the Ignite Hub to do so.
  • Contribute $500 towards your intern's stipend.
  • Be a mentor to the aspiring entrepreneur!

Programme Timeline Overview

May 15-18                Acceptance & Host/Intern Matching

July 12 & 13             Intern Orientation

July 14                      Intern and Host Meet & Greets

July - August          Intern Bi-Weekly Workshops in the Ignite Hub with industry experts and Ignite alumni
                                  Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 10 am - 12 noon

August 29                Intern Final Project Presentations

August 31                 End of Programme Celebration


Previous Host Businesses & Organizations

Contact Us!

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